Gen V LT : DFM Lifters (+AFM)

hl 7025 elgin gm gen v banner 12698946 dfm lifter

Newest Production

GM revised design for 2022

GM has released the newest design of the de-act lifter for their Dynamic Fuel Management engines.

This DFM lifter fits the Gen V engine platform, and also is backwards compatible to the Gen IV AFM engines.

DFM lifters replace AFM

AFM engines have 4 de-act cylinders, and 4 standard cylinders. The newest DFM engines can have all 8 cylinders as de-act capable.

The new DFM lifter will work in place of previous AFM applications. The original AFM lifter will ONLY fit AFM applications.

elgin dfm lifters are made in usa to oem gm gen v lt replacement hl 7025
hl 7025 elgin gm gen v banner 12698946 dfm lifter engine line

DFM LT Gen V compared to AFM LS Gen IV

Elgin part numbers :

  • The new Elgin part number for the DFM lifter is HL-7025.
  • The original Elgin part number for the AFM lifter is HL-7011.
    • both lifters are currently in production
    • both engines overlap production
    • LS based V8 Engines
hl 7025 elgin gm gen v banner 12698946 dfm lifter

Engines :

  • 2019+ DFM Gen V LT= Dynamic Fuel Management :
    • ( 16 ) lifters are de-act
    • HLG-7025FRA = DFM set (TBA)
  • 2007+ AFM Gen IV LS= Active Fuel Management :
    • ( 8 ) de-act lifters + ( 8 ) LS7 style lifters
    • HLG-7011FRA = AFM set – includes original AFM only lifter
    • HLG-7026FRA = AFM set – includes new AFM/DFM lifter
  • 1997+ Gen III small block LS
hl 7025 elgin gm gen v banner 12698946 dfm lifter engine line

Recommendations and AFM Failure Info

All Made in USA, Elgin replacement auto parts meet or exceed OE specs. Always replace lifter guides when replacing lifters in LS based Gen III, LS based Gen IV, and LT based Gen V engines.

Remember, the spring on top of the lifter is a fuse designed by GM. If any spring ever becomes collapsed, then this lifter fuse is blown the same as an electrical fuse in the fuse box. Replacing the lifter will not solved the problem until the cause is found.

Typically, the lifter fuse collapses when the computer tells the lifter to activate during the incorrect valve timing. This prevents the valve from contacting the piston. the cause is usually a ground-fault-interrupt from the ECM or PCM in AFM Gen IV LS and DFM Gen V LT engines.

Please contact Elgin for more info or to be connected with a distributor.

hl 7025 elgin gm gen v banner 12698946 dfm lifter

DFM & AFM part number interchange


Elgin HL-7025

  • 12698946


Elgin HL-7011

  • 12571595
  • 12619820
  • 12639516


Elgin HL-7028

  • 12499225
  • 12576400
  • 12698945

LS7 Style III

Elgin HL-2148

  • 12564012
  • 12569256
  • 12648846
  • 17089852
  • 17109057
  • 17120090
  • 17120735
  • 17121905
  • 17122490
  • 25341990
  • 5233745
  • 5234660
  • 5234670
  • 5234890
  • 5235498
  • 817122490

Current AFM Lifter Guide Kits

elgin industries hlg 7026fra afm lifter guide set made in usa ls7 style oem active fuel managment dfm dynamic fuel management newest design 2022

DFM Kit coming soon

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