LS Engine Camshafts

From the SS2 to the LSX, Elgin Cams are Made in USA

elgin industries e 1250 p lsx376 crate enigne motor camshaft

LSX Crate Engine Cams

Elgin offers the GM Performance and Power in a budget friendly package. These camshaft grinds meet or exceed the OE specifications.

  • E-1250-P : LSX376 515/525 ASA 88958770
  • E-1251-P : LSX376 480 Hot Cam 88958753
  • E-1252-P : LSX454 19166972
  • E-1260-P : LSX454R 19166975**
  • E-1253-P : “Showroom Stock” 88958766 *
  • E-1254-P : GM LS Stage 2 88958772
  • E-1255-P : GM LS Stage 3 88958773

* GM named this cam “Showroom Stock”, for Corvettes to compete in GT Cup racing against Ferraris etc., in the “Stock” Classes. This cam is fairly radical, not really street-able for the average drivers, advanced level tuning required.

** Mechanical Tie-Bar Lifters, 1.9:1 Rocker arm ratio, for those that want .750”+ valve lift, very advanced tuning and engine building required


The Elgin LS7 style lifter HL-2148, as well as the stock body rocker R-907, can handle 7,000 RPM, though for continuous service you should consider performance upgrades. Elgin offers roller rockers, heavy wall push rods, and tie-bar lifters.

Sloppy Stage 2… +1, +3

  • 1,000 horsepower at the tires
  • 8 sec. 1/4 mile for $8k
  • Choppy idle and street driving

Don’t B.S. me or anyone else, LS swaps on budget can out-perform most of the other guys at the track. The Sloppy Mechanics continue to grow a community of the next generation of motorsports.

We’ve seen hundreds of successful builds, daily driving, running fast at the track, and lasting for thousands of miles. The secret is out, and the cards are on the table. This group is open to share their engine building tips and tricks with the rest of the world.

elgin industries engine news performance ls engine camshafts ls swap sloppy stage 2 8f8

Whether you start with a 60hp gain from a cam/spring swap + tune/converter, or later you get away from natural induction. These camshafts are ready for any budget and any build.

Add forced induction like a turbo, or even a twin turbo and prepare your two step for launch. The Elgin Sloppy Stage 2 camshaft E-1840-P responds to all of these options, plus it can handle nitrous shots as well.

You could also add a supercharger of your choice, we’ve seen them all, and they all impress. Just make sure you opt for forged internals, unless you’re trying to send a connecting rod into orbit.

cl 1874k ang.jpeg
  • E-1838-P : Sloppy Stage 1 : 216/220
  • E-1839-P : Secret Sauce X : 220/224
  • E-1840-P : Sloppy Stage 2 : 228/230
  • E-1841-P : Sloppy Stage 3 : 238/242

Performance from the inside-to-out

LS7 Lifters for AFM Delete

Elgin Industries’ LS Engine Lifters and lifter guides include Made in USA LS7 style lifters HL-2148. We also offer de-act lifters for both AFM Active Fuel Management HL-7011, and DFM Dynamic Fuel Management HL-7025.

Hydraulic lifters and lifter guide trays meet or exceed OE production standards so you can trust these for another 1/4 million miles.

If you choose to delete the AFM, we offer stock replacement Made in USA camshafts for several applications, but check with your tuner before completing the swap.

elgin industries ls7 style lifter vortec ls engine afm delete made in usa ls1 roller lifter and guide tray sets

Complete the valve train camshaft package

LS Swap Horsepower

Follow the power up through the engine, and Elgin has parts to match the camshaft:

  • Camshafts
  • LS7/AFM/DFM lifters
  • Lifter guides
  • Push Rods
  • Rocker Arms
  • Valve Springs
  • Engine Bolts
  • Timing Phasers
  • Gasket Sets
  • so much more
usa made afm lifter guide set ls7 elgin industries ls engine new replacement

More Information

Technical and Support pages contain more information. You may also Contact Elgin.

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