LS7 : Lifters, guide trays, Made in USA

2022 Production

LS Engines 1997 – current

These new LS7 style lifters are US made. GM’s first V8 roller lifter debuted in the SBC, before the Vortec and LS era.

Today, Elgin proudly offers the current 2022 version LS7 style lifter to the aftermarket OE replacement for Gen III and AFM delete in Gen IV LS engines.

When rebuilding your engine, you can trust this same Original Equipment from Elgin Industries to last for hundreds of thousands of miles.

Always install new lifter guide trays with new hydraulic roller lifters. The original lifter guides can wear out and fatigue over time, which could allow lifter or camshaft failure.

Your local machine shop or retailer can order Elgin valvetrain from their regional warehouse wholesale distributor. Contact us to be connected them.

Ready to ship and install

LS7 style hydraulic roller lifter sets include lifter guides. Complete OE replacement packages, ready to install. Made in USA! Also use with AFM delete.
Elgin sets are exact high quality OE replacement

Gen III LS7 Lifter and Guide Sets

Set includes :

  • ( 16 ) LS7 style hydraulic roller lifters
  • ( 4 ) lifter guides for use in non-AFM/DFM engines
Elgin Industries LS7 style lifter for Gen III and AFM in Delete in Gen IV LS engines. New OE replacement lifters and lifter trays guides
LS guide = (4) LS7 lifters

Each boxed set has the lifters installed in the guides and each of those ( 4 ) lifter + guide sets are individually wrapped in clear plastic. These are ready to install using your existing hardware.

AFM Delete

This HLG-2148FRA set could be combined with an AFM delete kit for newer engines. Use HLG-7026FRA for AFM engines, both USA made.

LS Lifter Guide

  • HLG-2148
  • 12595365

(always use new guides which will keep the lifter on the camshaft)

LS7 style lifter

  • HL-2148
  • 12499225
  • 12564012
  • 12569256
  • 12576400
  • 12648846
  • 17089852
  • 17109057
  • 17120090
  • 17120735
  • 17121905
  • 17122490
  • 25341990
  • 5233745
  • 5234660
  • 5234670
  • 5234890
  • 5235498
  • 817122490

LS Engine Billet Camshafts and Valvetrain


LS Engine : LSX Performance

LS crate motor and aftermarket 3 bolt camshafts are available from US made billet cores. LS engines have found their way into every form of transportation around the globe. From industrial pumps, material handling, delivery trucks, through muscle cars, mud trucks and Ford Fairmonts. Elgin has the LS engine performance parts, high horsepower, torque curve, choppy idle, for twin turbo, nitrous, supercharged, and even naturally aspirated. Use as stock upgrade daily driver, towing truck cam, LSX crate motor, with or without stand alone harness, accessory drive kit, LS swap oil pan. Elgin Industries has LS engine performance parts for your LS swap or LS engine build!

Elgin Industries Pro Stock Performance Engine Parts for LS engine, SBC, 5.0 Ford, Hemi, Hot Rod, Muscle Car, 4x4
LS Engine Parts Search can be found on our ProStock Catalog
Automotive Engine Builders Association, since 1922, engine rebuilding standards and best practices for over 13,000 global engines.

Are you needing more information on engine building? The AERA is an excellent resource!

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