6.6L Duramax Diesel

GM 6.6L 6599cc Duramax Diesel Engines (2001+)

Elgin is proud to announce availability of the following valvetrain components:

Expansion Plug Kits
EP844R services block and cylinder heads
EP845R services cylinder heads only
Head Bolts
EHC-2426 36 per vehicle
VT-2298 Exh. & Int., Mechanical Roller Type
Oil Pump
EM-316 ’01-10 Spur Gear Design
EM-561 ’01-10 Gerotor Design
Oil pump Screen Assy
416-S ’01-10
Push Rod
PR-1200 Exh. & Int., ’17-22 3/8” x 8.566” x .075”
Valve Guide
53049 Exh. & Int., ’01-05
53142 Exh. & Int., ’06-16
Valve Lock
EHC-2821 Exh. & Int.

Valve Seat
35135 Exh.
35136 Int.
for oversize see price sheet
for universal sizes refer to tech catalog
Valve Spring
RV-3560 Exh. & Int., ’01-16
RV-3733 Exh. & Int., ’17-20
Valve Spring Retainer
ER-4004 Exh. & Int., ’01-16
Valve Stem Oil Seal
EOS-9057 Exh. & Int., ’01-05
EOS-9152 Exh. & Int., ’06-16
02175EA Int., ’01-16 (Eaton Valve)
02176EA Exh., ’01-16 (Eaton Valve)
E-5121 Exh., ’01-16
E-5415 Exh., ’17-20
I-5114 Int., ’01-16
I-5462 Int., ’17-20

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