Elgin RxEMEDY lubricants and additives are specially formulated to enhance the value of every repair or performance upgrade. Available through leading replacement and performance parts providers throughout North America.

Elgin RxEMEDY ZDDP-4 bottles

Elgin RxEMEDY with ZDDP

Extreme protection for any performance engine!

  • Restores oils to pre-OBD quality & performance
  • Powerful blend of ZDDP, moly, other wear additives
  • Ideal for off-road & racing applications
  • Compatible with all engine oils
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Elgin RxEMEDY Pre-Lube EPL-4

Elgin RxEMEDY Pre-Lube

Extra insurance for every engine you build!

  • Advanced formulation helps prevent break-in damage
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Elgin RxEMEDY Anti-Seize Thread Lubricant

Elgin RxEMEDY Anti-Seize

Exclusive formula for repair professionals!

  • Maximum resistance to corrosion
  • Resists temperatures up to +2000° F
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Elgin RxEMEDY White Lithium Grease

Elgin RxEMEDY White Lithium Grease

Special professional grade formulation!

  • Helps eliminate corrosion
  • Promotes friction-free operation
  • Prevent service complications
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